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The Business Sphere "Business Process Management"
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"Business Process Management" defines the full scope of strategic BPM. Companies establishing BPM projects with a narrower mandate will fail and not get value from their investment.
Business Process Management (BPM) is a challenging discipline and many companies have launched expensive implementation programmes with varying success. Many more see the potential but have adopted a wait-and-see attitude, looking out for the convincing example to follow.
The Business Sphere “Business Process Management” in the Value Driver Model© presents all the relevant aspects of BPM. The Value Driver Fields are all linking up to the Business Sphere “Business Process Management” and 3 out of 5 would not even exist without it. When being aware of the importance attached to the Value Driver Fields in the Value Driver Model©, BPM could also be given the following explanation:
"BPM is the continuous documentation and monitoring of business processes and strategic reporting on how well these support identified value drivers within a company".

Business Process Management gives your company a chance of maximizing value, keeping your organisation agile and balanced, and ensuring that IT and other capacities developed meet business requirement and are stable and interoperable. Business Process Management as a Business Sphere ensures through the identified Value Drivers Field "Value Management", that full portfolio management is aligned with Strategic Business Objectives (SBO) identified by the company and ensures that related Critical Success Factors (CSF) can guide established development programmes. BPM this way provides optimal conditions for balancing strategic programmes with a full picture of business benefits in mind.

Business Process Management, controlling the value driver fields “Balancing” and “configuration” also ensures that projects included in programmes are given clear mandates and business cases, and that IT solutions deliver functionality which support the full enterprise perspective rather than narrow silo worlds. The Value Driver Model© this way helps designing a company plan and a strategy most likely to succeed.

Unfortunately, many managers simply dismiss BPM as something “academic” with little real potential, and some may even fear it, realising that traditional in-house power structures are challenged. This fact has to be accepted, but also consciously and continously dealt with. As demonstrated under the presentation of the other three Business Spheres there is clearly a need for BPM – and no need to fear its introduction.

The Value Driver Model© demonstrates how BPM provides the very best basis for business leaders to ensure maximum value from investments. The three value driver fields “Value Management”, “Balancing” and “Configuration” in combination ensure that a company can reach not just best practice but “better practice”. The Value Driver Model© also, by providing a cross-silo view of the company delivers the best possible basis for delivering, the often cherished – standard functionality!

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