Process and Value
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The triple intersection linking the Value Driver Fields “Value Management”, “Line Management” and “Balancing” is the field within which work should ensure that the process perspective is included in the company’s strategic initiatives.

The discovered process and value analysis conducted within “Value Management” is the bridge to a foundation for a fully ensured value-based focus for all portfolio decisions and plans at strategic level.  This is the direction for both “Running the business” and “Changing the business”.

Development Programmes will have the starting point within the strategic triple-intersection.



The Strategic Triple-Intersection
Real-World BPM
Typically, the connection between formal business models and strategic concepts and strategies fail because of a missing mechanism for transformation of the “way of thinking” into the “way of working”. Keeping the Value Driver Model© in mind, you will have a guideline for how to transform the formal vision statements and the value policy from “Business Governance” into Programme Blueprints. De strategically defined values and processes and KPIs discovered within “Value Management” provides the bridge.
The established high-level process architecture together with the wider Enterprise Architecture should be used for reference when Corporate Governance is evaluating underperformance, the viability of business modernisation ideas or reviewing business strategies. The architecture should also be used as a reference for all development programmes by delivering Programme Blueprints and ensuring their consistency within the portfolio.
Again, the Value Driver Model© tells us that BPM is the discipline due to which the strategic triple-intersection exists at all, and that it  can ensure a bridge between the strategic and tactical management in a company. The essential tool within BPM, the Business Process Architecture established top-down through a process interpretation of the business model, is the reference describing the value linkage.
To do the job, the BPM function must develop the process architecture and break down the identified main processes into more detail. Interpreting these as a list of business processes, which must be actively monitored and managed to ensure continued support of the strategic value management view.
What the Value Driver Model© tells a BPM function more specifically, is that it should relentlessly promote the business process perspective. BPM should demonstrate its usefulness for strategic and tactical evaluation of business performance and the BPM function should make sure it gets on the agenda when new programmes are considered within Portfolio Management.
Line Management
Value Management