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The Value Driver Model© tells a BPM function through this Value Driver Field "Balancing" that the most important issue to deal with is to communicate the need for balance in a cross-functional process “universe”. With a visible link to the strategic value agenda, BPM has to demonstrate that the world is “not flat”.

However, the job for the BPM function is not just limited to visualizing the interrelationship of the business areas, it is also to report to senior management how well the organization is functioning. The unit must report to the senior process owner on the performance against set KPIs and PPIs. This includes also the analyses and advice to the senior process owner about the underlying reasons and the options for improving process performance, technically or otherwise.

What the Value Driver Model© also makes clear is that “Balancing” is an issue that is shared with “Core Business” and not just a BPM matter. BPM is a theoretical venture, it is real business managed. The tool needed for this work is an elaborate Business Process Architecture in balance with a wider Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Proper balance is a result of dialogue of between all interested parties, whether responsible, accountable, consulted or informed (RACI). The BPM function here has to provide the common picture, which can be used for continuous improvement of the daily business, and for balancing development programmes and prioritization of included projects.

Realistically, a BPM function will be up against functional tradition and resistance to change in most companies and it is, therefore, necessary and fundamental for the BPM function to work closely with, and under the authority of the senior process owners.
End-to-End - developers of the Value Driver Model©

The Value Driver Field “Balancing” is the centre field in the Value Driver Model© and is linking the strategic perspective with the tactical one. With an anchor within the Strategic Triple-Intersection, the balance issue relates to both the “running” and the “developing” side of Portfolio Management.


Generally, any larger company will recognize that the building-up of professional “silos” with a self-sufficient understanding of daily business is a difficult issue.


What the BPM approach contributes is exactly the much wanted process approach that is truly cross-functional and balanced. The Value Driver Model© illustrates this clearly by representing functioning BPM as a full Business Sphere “Business Process Management” and letting both “Value Management” and “Balancing” be the products of its existence.


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