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The Value Driver Field "Line Management"
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"Line Management" governs the organization through allocation of responsibilities, targets as well as financial funding - but additional "value guidance" is needed.

Line Management is extensive and very important - but is of course not just about controlling resource management. Management of staff is even more important, and Human Capital Management (HCM) is a discipline where the Value Driver Model© can add a new perspective. Thus, the evaluation of compentences can to some extent be analyzed from a business process architecture perspective.

Line Management needs to consider a well-trained and capable workforce as the most valuable parameter, but applying a systematic and configurable management approach to employees, like the one for physical assets, is of course not appropriate. However, when HCM is conducted face-to-face, it will only be fair to the employee when his of her contribution to the company is up for evaluation, to present a reliable analysis of the company's Value Creation Strategy and point to the employee's need for upqualification or reassignment to another process in the value chain. Transparent and fair.

Ensuring that the workforce is strong enough and remains qualified for the future could be seen as a parallel to the assurence of physical capacities considered within the Business Sphere "Capacity Management". When change in staff is on the agenda, hiring or firing, the company will have to look at employees as a capacity. Does the company have the right number of staff (capacity) with the right qualifications (configuration) to work according to instructions (business processes)?

One comment should be given on Lean. Lean is one example of a very popular method for optimizing business operations and Lean offers a useful set-up for continuous optimization based on clear involvement of employees, knowing the business hands-on. This is a very sound approach and is very important, and from a Value Driver Model© perspective Lean can feed hands-on experience from daily business into “Business Process Management” and thus contributes to a continuous validation of the business process architecture.

The Value Driver Fields
"Line Management"

The Value Driver Field "Line Management" is to a large extent a trivial topic but within the Value Driver Model© the typical line manager's mandate will be slightly biased. 

The strategic triple-intersection already described will have to be observed when line managers and execute their duties. An increased value awareness flowing from the Value Driver Field "Value Management" will lead to the introduction of measurable value-based KPIs, which should also be monitored alongside set production targets.

These KPIs will be derived from the Business Architecture, developed and handled as a reference for the work done by the company's dedicated BPM Office.

Line Management
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